The Internship in Classics (CLASS 1900) provides a select number of advanced Classics majors with the opportunity to develop professional skills for university credits. Interns will combine their academic studies with practical experience in museums, schools, and other local institutions. In these settings, removed from the typical classroom environment, students will be able to network, explore careers related to Classics, and get a head-start on planning for their futures.

Internship options vary widely and are ideally tailored to the needs and interests of each student. For example, a language student could be paired with high school Latin teacher and afforded the opportunity to teach, tutor, and plan classroom content, whereas a student interested in archaeology and material culture could be placed in a museum and taught the proper procedures for researching, handling, cataloging, and displaying artifacts.     

The internship is a S/N course, and assessment will be based on both academic and professional criteria. To be eligible for an internship, students must have a minimum of 36 credits and a QPA of 3.0. Interns are expected to work for a minimum of 10 hours per week at their internship site under the direction of a Site Supervisor and a Department of Classics Faculty Mentor.

Internships are only available for the fall and spring terms. If you are interested in arranging an internship, plan in advance (at least one month ahead of term registration) and discuss the possibilities with the Undergraduate Advisor in the Department of Classics. In consultation with the Undergraduate Advisor, you will choose your Classics Faculty Mentor and meet with that person to develop an internship plan before registration.


Through the Classics Internship I was able to explore my interest in Museum Studies by cataloguing Greek and Roman artifacts and composing condition reports. This experiential learning opportunity complemented my BPhil thesis work and provided me with specialized skills that I could use in the future in museum settings.

Monica Merante (A&S '17)


Course Requirements

  • Carefully read the Guidelines.
  • Completion of internship contract.

  • Completion of evaluative paperwork consisting of a midterm review and a final review. These forms must be filled out in consultation with your Site Supervisor and Faculty Mentor.

  • A commitment of a minimum of 10 hours per week at the internship site.

  • Regular meetings with your Faculty Mentor in the Department of Classics.

  • A final academic product, which could be a topical paper (15-20 pages in length) that integrates experience with scholarly research in Classics, a portfolio documenting internship experience, or a reflective journal.


Recent Internships 

Term Student Internship Site Faculty Mentor

Fall 2019

S. Gibbons

University Art Gallery

C. L. Sulosky Weaver

Fall 2017

M. Merante

University Art Gallery

C. L. Sulosky Weaver