Graduate Financial Assistance

During the first year of teaching at the University of Pittsburgh, students receive a teaching assistantship (TA). If a student’s teaching is deemed satisfactory by the graduate faculty based on OMETS and teaching observations, he or she will receive a teaching fellowship (TF) during their remaining years teaching in the department. The expected time to degree in the Department of Classics is 4 years. If additional time is required to complete the degree, students are expected to apply for dissertation funding (both internally and externally). Assistantships include full tuition remission, health benefits at no additional cost, and a stipend.

For information on current stipend rates, click here.


Classics Departmental Graduate Summer Fellowship


The Department of Classics encourages graduate students to apply for a Departmental Graduate Summer Fellowship. This fellowship is designed to assist students who are carrying out research and reading over the summer period in order that they not be hindered by employment obligations during this time. The stipend for the summer period is $6000.


Please note that:

1) Only students who are within the four years of the departmental funding package and who are making good progress towards the pursuit of a Ph.D. degree qualify.

2) Students may apply for other sources of summer funding. However, they cannot both teach/ hold outside employment and receive a fellowship in the same summer.

3) As a condition of accepting these funds, students will be required to submit to their advisor a brief description of their activities over the summer period for which the fellowship was received.


To apply for a 2020 summer research fellowship please complete the application form and return it to the departmental administrator, Taylor Pipkin ( no later than Friday, March 27th 2020.


In addition to the fellowships offered by the Department of Classics, the following sources of assistance are also available:


• Provost's Humanities Fellowships
Graduate applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for the Provost's Humanities Fellowship. This fellowship is awarded to students of exceptional ability and promise. The recipient will be selected on the basis of academic achievement and promise of research contributions. A stipend of approximately $23,628.00 will be awarded for the 2018-2019 academic year plus a tuition scholarship for the duration of the fellowship. Provost’s Humanities Fellows are expected to engage in full-time study during the periods of their fellowship. No additional duties will be required or permitted. Applications must be submitted by February 1st 2016. PLEASE CONTACT THE DIRECTOR OF GRADUATE STUDIES BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION.
Applications must include:

  • Transcripts of all previous academic work,
  • Three letters of recommendation,
  • Statement of Purpose,
  • No more than a two page Curriculum Vitae
  • Recommended (but not required) supporting documentation includes: GRE/TOEFL scores and any other materials that would show promise of distinguished achievements
    For more information, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Christian Wildberg.

• Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Fellowships
These fellowships are awarded to students of exceptional promise and ability either when they first enroll in the PhD program or when they have advanced to the dissertation stage.
Graduate applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for the Andrew Mellon Fellowship. This fellowship is awarded to students of exceptional promise and ability either when they first enroll in the PhD program or when they have advanced to the dissertation stage. No service is required by successful candidates. Students may apply until midnight on January 16th, 2018.

For more information, please refer to the applicants’ information sheet

The url for applicants to Classics is:  

• Robert S. Marshall Fellowships
These fellowships are limited to students of ability and promise in classics.

• Lillian B. Lawler Fellowship
Two fellowships (plus tuition for two terms) are awarded annually to full-time, advanced- level graduate students pursuing a PhD in Classics, English, French, German, Hispanic, History, or Slavic who show potential for an outstanding career in teaching and research. No service is required.

• Provost’s Development Fellowships
These University fellowships are awarded to U.S. citizens on the basis of need and merit to provide development opportunities for women, minorities, and disadvantaged students pursuing the doctorate. They generally carry a stipend and full tuition for two terms. Both incoming and continuing students are eligible to apply.

• K. Leroy Irvis Fellowships
These multi-year fellowships are available to distinguished African-American graduate students pursuing the doctorate. They generally carry a stipend and full tuition for two terms. Both incoming and continuing students are eligible for these fellowships.

• Dean’s Tuition Scholarships
A limited number of tuition scholarships are available for students who are not funded by teaching assistantships or fellowships. Priority is given to students who have completed all course requirements, are working on the dissertation, have exhausted all departmental support, and need to be minimally registered in order to use University facilities. 


Graduate students in Classics are also encouraged to apply for discipline-specific funding pools. A list of funding opportunities can be found here.