Mediterranean Archaeology Club

The Mediterranean Archaeology Club is a group for students interested in the archaeology and material culture of the ancient Mediterranean. Students are able to connect with professional archaeologists who work in this region as well as peers who share their interests.

Monthly Meetings

These typically include snacks and presentations on interesting aspects of Mediterranean archaeology (e.g. careers in museum studies, fieldwork opportunities, digital archaeology) 


Destinations are as close as the Carnegie Museums of Natural History and Art, and as far as the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Chicago Field Museum, and the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago.  


Multiple lectures are offered each semester by internationally renowned archaeologists.

Current and Past Events:

Spring 2018
Fall 2017

2019-2020 Officers

Title Name E-Mail


Michael Russo

Vice President

Emily Hrynko

Business Manager

Madeline Fox


Madison Kerlan

Interested? Want to know more? Contact Prof. Carrie Weaver