The Department of Classics focuses on the interpretation of the culture and society of Greco-Roman antiquity in the widest sense of those terms.

We offer an undergraduate program leading to a B.A. and have a graduate body of students pursuing M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Classics with special concentrations in Greek and Latin literature, history, philosophy, and linguistics. The department offers intensive undergraduate language courses in ancient Greek, classical Latin, and Sanskrit. Graduate students receive intensive training in methodologies appropriate to their special areas of concentration, reading and analysis of Greek and Roman texts, and in the secondary literature. The faculty members' interests and publications include many diverse subjects, giving students a wide range of areas from which to choose to satisfy the requirements for the Ph.D.

Classics has a close association with the following departments and interdisciplinary programs:

In cooperation with the Departments of Philosophy and History and Philosophy of Science, the Department of Classics also sponsors the graduate Program in Classics, Philosophy, and Ancient Science (CPAS).

To learn more about departmental governance, you may download the Classics Department by-laws.