Undergraduate Teaching Assistantships

CLASS 1990: Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship in Classics  (1–3 credits)  

Guidelines and Contract 


GREEK 1990: Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship in Greek (1–3 credits)

Guidelines and Contract 


LATIN 1990: Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship in Latin (1–3 credits)

Guidelines and Contract 


These courses enable advanced majors (or, under exceptional circumstances, advanced minors) to partner with faculty members as teaching assistants in pre-existing departmental courses. These collaborative projects will result in the enrichment of the courses and improve the teaching-learning enterprise for all parties (faculty, undergraduate teaching assistants, and students enrolled in the course).  

Given the distinctive aspects of these learning experiences, there are no official syllabi, however, students and faculty who participate in these courses are required to submit signed contracts to the department prior to the start of the semester in which the teaching assistantship will occur, which are subject to approval by the undergraduate committee.