Major and Minor

The Department of Classics offers two major tracks to choose from, as well as a minor for Undergraduate students wishing to broaden their academic background. Learn more about each program.


Learn more about the recent courses offered to Undergraduate students in the Department of Classics.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad has some interesting information for Classics majors and the opportunities that exist to enhance their interest in learning and culture.


As an undergraduate student, you'll work with graduate students and faculty on unique projects that will prepare you for the field or graduate school.

Awards and Fellowships

Thanks to the generosity of our friends and alumni/ae, the Department of Classics is proud to offer a variety of annual scholarships, awards, and fellowship opportunities to Classics majors, minors, and students of antiquity at the University of Pittsburgh.

Eta Sigma Phi

Learn more about the Classics honorary society for students of Latin and/or Greek.