A. J. Korzeniewski

  • Part-time Instructor


Classics - 1501 CL

Born in NYC, raised in Newtown, Connecticut – also the home of Suzanne Collins, author of Hunger Games and amateur classicist (Katniss, the virginal huntress = Artemis, essentially). Goose from Top Gun also lives in my town, but that’s a different sort of “classic.” Was a Pre-Law major at Villanova (i.e., Classics & Political Science double-major) but liked reading epic – hence my primary specialization in Vergil – more than statutes so took the GRE in place of the LSAT. Married (Hi, Mollie!), no kids.

Education & Training

  • PhD Classics, University of Pittsburgh, Dec. ‘14; Dissertation: “Killing Turnus: A Study of Aeneas, Man of Action.” Director: Dr. D.M. Possanza.
  • MA Classics, Villanova University
  • Post Baccalaureate Program in Classics, University of Pennsylvania
  • BA Classics & Political Science, Villanova University
  • Newtown High School, Newtown, Connecticut

Representative Publications

“The Growth of Venus.” Delivered at the 5th International Kraków Study of Religions Symposium. Kraków, 7-9 November 2016. Conference organizer: Dr. Joanna Malita - Król, Jagiellonian University

“I Dreamed a Dream: The Psychology Behind Aeneid ii.268-297 and vii.404-474.” Delivered at the Classical Association of the UK Annual Conference. Bristol, 10-13 April 2015. Conference organizer: Dr. Isabella Sandwell, Bristol University

“On the Positive Merit of the Body: Dante’s Commedia and Aeneid 6.” Delivered at the Virgil and Renaissance Culture Conference / Virgilio e la Cultura del Rinascimento. Mantua, 13-15 October 2012. Conference organizers: Dr. Marco Sgarbi, University of Verona, and Dr. Luke B.T. Houghton, University of Glasgow

“Dante, Livy, and Vergilian Hope.” Delivered at the Classical Association of the UK Annual Conference. Durham, 15-18 April 2011. Conference organizer: Dr. Paola Ceccarelli, Durham University

“A Programmatic Case of Levity in Vergil’s Georgics.” 2009 Classical Association of Scotland/Classical Association of the UK Conference. Glasgow, 3-6 April 2009. Conference organizer: Dr. Costas Panayotakis, University of Glasgow

Research Interests

  • Humor in Ancient Epic 
  • Augustan Age 
  • Political Satire in Greek Comedy 
  • Digital Humanities
  • Dante Alighieri & his Relationship with Vergil
  • Intertextuality in Ancient Literature Classics and Modern Pop-Culture Bucolic
  • Poetry
  • Literary Social Criticism
  • History of Latin Language

Research Category