Meet our 2023 graduates!

We are delighted to congratulate the Classics Majors of the Class of 2023!


Nicole Madeline Arnold

Nicole Arnold, a Spring 2023 graduate, is a Classical Languages major and has earned Departmental Honors with her thesis: "Speaking Truth to Power: Whistleblowing as a Practice from Sallust's Bellum Catilinae to the Trump White House," which has been awarded a Robert S. Marshall Prize in Writing. In the summer of 2021, Nicole contributed to "The Ever-Changing Life of Latin" exhibit in Hillman Library, with research on Latin language in medieval liturgical music. Nicole has most valued her experiences studying abroad through the Pitt in Sicily program and the support she’s received from her professors. After a gap year, Nicole plans to continue studying Latin in graduate school and to pursue an academic career.

Kaitlyn Parisi 

Kaitlyn Parisi, a Spring 2023 graduate, is a double major in Classical Civilization and History, minoring in Latin and Education. Katie has particularly valued getting to know the Classics department faculty, who she says are extremely knowledgeable and kind. Although Katie started at Pitt seeking a STEM degree, she made the decision to switch to a career in education and a degree in Classics. She says that deciding to become a Classics major was one of her best decisions because it gave her a place where she felt like she belonged here at Pitt. In the Fall, Katie will attend the Pitt School of Education’s graduate program for primary teacher certification.

Diana Velasquez

Diana Velasquez, a Spring 2023 graduate, is a double major in Classical Civilization and English Writing. Diana has earned Departmental Honors with her thesis: “‘Oh My God They Were Urnmates’ - How Achilles and Patroclus Are Perceived in Online Fandom Spaces,” which has been awarded first prize this year in the thesis category of the Robert S. Marshall Prize in Writing competition. She also won this year’s Melissa DiFatta Nonfiction Award. Diana has valued our small tight-knit department, where faculty and students alike are very passionate about what they study. After graduation, Diana plans to return home to the New York City metropolitan area and pursue a career in writing.

Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor, a Spring 2023 graduate, is a double major in Classical Civilization and Art History, minoring in French. Charlie has earned a Bachelor of Philosophy with their thesis entitled “Emaciated Women, Weeping Men: Queerness and the Saintly Body in Medieval Christian Art, c. 1000-1500.” Charlie says that Dr. Beeler’s “Marginality in the Ancient Greek World” course has provided some of their most memorable experiences in the department. Charlie has particularly valued the closeness of the department and the dedication of the faculty to their undergrads. In the fall, Charlie will begin a PhD in Art History at Bryn Mawr College, focusing on Byzantine art.

Frances Harrington

Frances Harrington, a Spring 2023 graduate, is a double-major in Classical Languages and Linguistics. Frances has found her experiences translating Roman Stoic philosophy into Attic Greek oratorical style in Dr. Lee’s Greek Prose Composition course to be particularly memorable. She has really valued how the smaller department size in Classics has allowed her to get to know her classmates and professors. This Fall, Frances will attend the University of Colorado Boulder to begin a Master of Arts degree in Classics.

Leah Smith

Leah Smith, a magna cum laude Fall 2022 graduate, is a Classical Civilization major, minoring in Spanish and Mediterranean Art & Archaeology. Leah’s most memorable experience in the department was learning Attic Greek with Dr. Bromberg, in the supportive learning environment their small class created. She is grateful for how the professors in the Classics department treat students with kindness and respect, foster excitement for the course material through their own passion, and encourage students to grow more confident in their abilities. Leah is currently taking a gap year to spend time studying language and traveling while deciding on a postgraduate program.

Nikki Gomez-Bush 

Nikki Gomez-Bush, a Spring 2023 graduate, is a Classical Civilization and History of Art & Architecture major, minoring in Mediterranean Archaeology, Museum Studies, and Italian. In 2022, Nikki earned a prestigious Pitt Humanities Center Fellowship. Nikki’s most memorable experiences in Classics have been her language courses, which she says were not only incredibly fun and useful, but helped her build a community within the department. After a gap year, Nikki plans to attend graduate school for Library Sciences, aiming to focus their studies on community outreach and inclusion.