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The Department of Classics focuses on the interpretation of the culture and society of Greco-Roman antiquity in the widest sense of those terms. Learn more about us.

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Archaeological Institute of America, Pittsburgh Chapter

Dr. John Newell is President of the Pittsburgh Society of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA). The University is host to several yearly lectures of international scholars. Read about forthcoming lectures here.


Eta Sigma Phi

Learn more about the Classics honorary society for students of Latin and/or Greek.

Program in Classics, Philosophy, and Ancient Science

This graduate program is joinly offered by the departments of Classics, Philosophy and History and Philosophy of Science.  Learn more about the Program in Classics, Philosophy, and Ancient Science (CPAS). 


Classics, Philosophy and Ancient Science Greek and Latin Reading Group - SPRING 2017

Our Ancient Greek Reading Group is open to graduate students and faculty (and advanced undergraduates) in the Pittsburgh community. We are alternating weekly between several Greek and Latin texts.  Our Greek text this term is Plato's Theaetetus, the Latin choice is a section of Seneca's letters.

We meet every Thursday from 4-5.30pm, room to be announced. Please contact Dr. Christina Hoenig cmh159@pitt.edu for more information.


Medieval Latin Reading Group will meet on alternative Mondays beginning October 10, 2016 from 1:30-3:00 p.m. most probably in the Irish Nationality Room.  If interested in participating, email Dr. William Campbell (whc7@pitt.edu) to state your interest in participating.




Congratulations to Dr. Carrie Weaver whose book The Bioarchaeology of Classical Kamarina: Life and Death in Greek Sicily just won a prestigious award. Her book has been awarded by Choice "Outstanding Academic Title" honor. Choice is the publishing branch of the Association of College & Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association. 


Outstanding Academic Title Award

On April 21, 2017  over 300 students from the 2017 First Experiences in Research cohort will present their research after working with a faculty mentor all semester.  Projects range from the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities.  This event is open to the University public. This will take place in the Posvar Hall Galleria (on the ground floor) from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

Dr. Edwin D. Floyd has supervised a project dealing with translations of Homer and the Iliad with undergraduate, John R. Starr, "Whose Translation is Best"



Summer 2017- Pitt in Sicily!

Students earn six credits in the Dept. of Classics in this program designed for those interested in the history and archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean.  The rich cultural heritage and sweeping panoramas of Sicily provide the background to an an unforgettable exploration of over 1,000 years of Greek and Roman history and culture.


Congratulations to Classics major, Allie Roos, on her acceptance to the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome for the spring term, 2017!


Dr. Jacques Bromberg spent four weeks in May and June traveling over 2,000km around Sicily with twelve Pitt undergraduates, as part of the Classics Department’s new study abroad program.


In the spring term 2016, Dr. Christina Hoenig carried out research at the Sorbonne University in Paris, spoke at a conference on Plato’s dialogue Timaeus at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and from there travelled to Dublin, Ireland, where she held a visiting fellowship at the Plato Centre of Trinity College.


Dr. Nicholas F. Jones' completed texts, translations, and commentaries on the major Athenian historians Androtion and Philochoros were uploaded at Brill's New Jacoby-- the updated edition of Felix Jacoby's Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker.


Dr. Andrew Korzeniewski, who joins the Classics faculty this year as a Visiting Lecturer, was voted Professor of the Month for March 2016 by the Lambda Sigma Honor Society, Pitt’s Sophomore class Honors Society


Dr. Carrie Weaver's monograph, The Bioarchaeology of Classical Kamarina: Life and Death in Greek Sicily, was published by the University Press of Florida in September 2015. Dr. Weaver joins the Classics faculty this year as a Visiting Assistant Professor.


A.W. Mellon Professor Emeritus H.P. Stahl has just completed a major study of Vergil's Aeneid.  The book, entitled "Poetry Underpinning Power: Vergil's Aeneid for Emperor Augustus. A Recovery Study".



Study Abroad has some interesting information for Classics majors and the opportunities that exist to enhance their interest in learning and culture. Learn more about the study abroad opportunities for students in Classics.


Classics Majors- There is now a Career Consultant for Classics to help you with career info and internship possibilities.  Contact Anastasia Lopez with Career Development in Room 200 of the William Pitt Union.  Her email is anl88@pitt.edu.



Contact Elizabeth Conforti, our department administrator, for more information.

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Lectures, Conferences and Symposia:




CPAS Colloquium

Sean McConnell  (Otego)


Thursday, April 27, 2017

4:00 p.m.

216 Cathedral of Learning


"Cicero and Utopia: The Ideal State and the Golden Age Tradition"


In De re publica and De legibus Cicero highlights the very real practical limits when it comes to implementing utopian models of the ideal state. In this paper I draw attention to Cicero’s engagement with another utopian tradition that has a rather different relationship to what is practicable given worldly limitations—the tradition of the golden age, which is prominent not only in Greek myth and literature but also in Plato and the Peripatetic and Stoic philosophical traditions. I make the case that Cicero draws on philosophical accounts of the golden age—most significantly that of the Peripatetic Dicaearchus of Messana (c.350–c.285 bc)—in his analysis of the Roman res publica and the nature of Roman political virtue. In particular, I argue that his portrayal of the defining characteristics of the Roman people recalls closely the attributes of Dicaearchus’ “golden race”. This allows Cicero to appear more optimistic about the achievability of utopian ideals than he does when engaging with the ideal state tradition of utopian thought, for an identification of the Roman people with the golden race implies that the Romans collectively have the capacity to realise a golden age in the present, just as they did in the past. 



Reception at the University Club following the lecture



conference/lecture news


Mae Smethurst was the keynote speaker at Amherst College’s  conference “Re-imagining the Greeks; Contemporary and Cross-cultural  Approaches to Greek Tragedy”, March 23-25, 2017. She spoke about the history of performances of Greek tragedy in Japan with a focus on the productions of “Trojan Women” and “Medea” by Suzuki Tadashi, Ninagawa Yukio, and Miyagi Satoshi.


Dr. Carrie Weaver recently attended the 118th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America in Toronto (January 5-8, 2017).

In addition, her article, “Encounters with Death: Was there Dark Tourism in Classical Greece?”, appeared in the inaugural volume of the Journal of Greek Archaeology (vol. 1, pp. 211–232) and her review of Rebecca Futo Kennedy and Molly Jones-Lewis (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Identity and Environment in the Classical and Medieval Worlds (Routledge, 2016), was published in The Classical Journal Online 2016.11.09.


Dr. Andrew Korzeniewski presented a paper, “The Growth of Venus,” at the 5th International Kraków Study of Religions Symposium hosted by Jagiellonian University in November, 2016. His talk discussed the maturation of Venus in the Aeneid and her coming to accept Aeneas’ fated destiny. The full conference program may be found at http://www.religions.confer.uj.edu.pl.


This past fall, Dr. Christina Hoenig, gave a talk at the Classical Research Seminar of the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, University of Oslo, Norway.

Title: 'Scientia et Eloquentia. Philosophy and Rhetoric in Apuleius'

She also gave a talk at the conference "Platonism and Christian Thought in Late Antiquity" at the same department at Oslo University.  The title was 'Augustine and the Timaeus'


Dr. Mae Smethurst lectured at the University of British Columbia in April, 2016. She spoke to classicists and Japanologists on the subject of Miyagi's production of "Medea" in Japan.


Dr. Edwin Floyd read a paper "Homer, Odyssey 10.200: Man-eating or Man-slaying?" at the annual meeting of the International Linguistic Association at Hofstra University, March 11-13, 2016.



















CLASS ACTS II: eXPLORING Roman Comedy and its reception

An interdisciplinary conference for Graduate and Undergraduate students organized by the Departments of Classics, University of North Carolinam, Chapel Hill, and the University of Madrid

March 20-21, 2015

University of Pittsburgh






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