What's New?

Fall 2019 Edition!

New People

Ellen Cole Lee

Ellen Cole Lee has joined Pitt’s faculty in Classics as Lecturer and Latin Program Coordinator. She earned her Ph.D. in Classical Studies at the University of Michigan in 2016 with a dissertation on Latin love poetry. At Pitt, she is excited to continue pursuing her interests in digital pedagogies for language instruction, cognitive approaches to the ancient world, gender and sexuality in Latin literature, and classical reception in the ancient, medieval and modern worlds. 

Marcie Persyn

Marcie Persyn has joined Pitt’s faculty in Classics as an Assistant Instructor. She recently completed her PhD in Classical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. In her dissertation on the Roman satirist Lucilius she applies modern code-switching theory to analyze the literary, cultural, and generic consequences of the Greek terms and quotations found within the fragments of Lucilius’s Satires. In her future endeavors, she intends to explore these lines of research still further, continuing to ponder how sociolinguistic frameworks may be useful for disentangling the linguistic, poetic, and cultural exchange latent in Latin literature.


New Things

The Department of Classics now offers an interdisciplinary minor in Mediterranean Art and Archaeology. This new minor allows students to pursue their interests in ancient Mediterranean civilizations (such as the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and ancient Near East) while taking classes across four departments—Classics, History of Art and Architecture, Anthropology, and Religious Studies. Many of the courses offered also fulfill General Education requirements, and past students have appreciated the unique opportunity to earn a minor while fulfilling these requirements. Although archaeological field work is not required, students who desire field experience are matched with appropriate field schools. Students have the opportunity to connect with one another and to meet professional archaeologists by participating in the Mediterranean Archaeology Club, attending lectures given by internationally renowned archaeologists organized by the Pittsburgh Society of the Archaeological Institute of America, and studying Greek archaeology and literature through the Pitt in Sicily study abroad program. For more information, contact Dr. Carrie Weaver (clweaver@pitt.edu). 

Christina Hoenig, Associate Professor of Classics, will be a Pitt Faculty Fellow of the Humanities Center for AY 2019–2020.

Jacques Bromberg, Assistant Professor of Classics, will be a Global Studies Faculty Fellow at Pitt in AY 2019–2020.