The Classics Department is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 Robert S. Marshall Prize in Writing.

In the category of Honors Thesis:

First Place: Diana Velasquez, “‘Oh My God, They Were Urn Mates.’ –– How Achilles and Patroclus are perceived in online fandom.” Supervisor: Dr. Ellen Lee.

Second Place: Nicole Arnold, “Speaking Truth to Power: Whistleblowing as a practice from Sallust’s Bellum Catilinae to the Trump White House.” Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Korzeniewski.


In the category of Course Paper:

First Place: Flaviana Shkoza, ““The Restructuring of Cognitive Micro-Ecologies Through Theater.” Supervisor: Dr. Ellen Lee.

First Place: Jason Vetitoe, “Bona Dea: The Good and Mysterious Goddess.” Supervisor: Dr. Marcie Persyn.


Congratulations to our Marshall Prize recipients on their outstanding achievements in research and scholarship. For information on the Robert S. Marshall Prize in Writing, go to our page on Prizes, Awards, and Fellowships.