University of Pittsburgh

Master of Arts Degree

The Department of Classics is currently not accepting applications for the Master of Arts degree.


The Master of Arts in Classics is primarily designed as an intermediate step in the student's preparation for the PhD degree, but it can also be pursued by students in a PhD program in another field at this university, or by those who want to study classics at the graduate level without pursuing the PhD.


The course requirements for the MA degree are a minimum of ten one-term graduate credit courses (30 credits), of which at least four must be on the 2000-level. Students may take no more than 4 courses (12 credits) on the 1000 level, which are recognized by the department as graduate credits. Included in the program must be Classics 2010 (Introduction to Classical Studies) and a two-term sequence, consisting of a reading course and a seminar on a single subject. Students may emphasize either Greek or Latin, but they must pass at least one course at the level of 1300 or higher in each language.


For the MA, a reading knowledge of German is required. This requirement may be met either by taking two appropriate courses and receiving a letter grade of B or higher, or by passing an examination administered by the department.


An MA comprehensive examination consisting of three parts is also required. Students choose, in consultation with the graduate advisor and the department, the three fields in which they will be examined. The three are usually chosen from the following six fields: Greek translation, Latin translation, Greek literature, Latin literature, Greek history, and Roman history. Either Greek translation or Latin translation must be included. Students who are preparing to take the MA comprehensive examination may take up to a maximum of 6 credits in the courses designated for exam preparation, Greek 2902 and/or Latin 2902: Directed Study for MA students.

Revised November 28, 2016