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Brooke McLane-Higginson

Congratulations and Finis Coronat Opus to Andrew Korzeniewski on his successful defense of his dissertation "Killing Turnus:  A Study of Aeneas's Actions in the Aeneid" November 25, 2014.

Congratulations!  Bravo to John Scanlon on his successful defense of his dissertation "Generic Enrichment, Reader Expectation, and Metapoetic Trees in Horace's Odes"



CONGRATULATIONS!  Dr. Dennis Looney and Nicholas R. Thorne, after Nicholas' successful defense of his dissertation "The Unity of the Gorgias" on July 2, 2013.


CONGRATULATIONS! Joseph Tipton and Dr. Harry Avery, after the successful defense of his dissertation "An Aristocracy of Virtue: The Protagorean Background to the Periclean Funeral Speech in Thucydides" May 29, 2013.



To Jerry Heverly upon the successful defense of his dissertation, "Neglected Warnings in the Iliad: A Study in Characterization" which took place on Wednesday, March 6, 2013. Committee chair and major advisor, Dr. Edwin D. Floyd, Jerry Heverly, Dr. Mae J. Smethurst, and Dr. Andrew M. Miller, Professor Emeritus.  Dr. Dennis O. Looney, also on the committee was present via skype and is not pictured.









Our Congratulations to Christopher Kurfess for defending his dissertation on November 8, 2012. Above are some of his committee members, including Dr. John Poulakos, Dr. Mae Smethurst and Dr. Edwin D. Floyd, Christopher's major advisor.

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