University of Pittsburgh


Allan Gotthelf

Portrait of Allan Gotthelf

Department: History and Philosophy of Science

Degrees: PhD, Columbia

Courses Taught: Aristotle's biology, philosophy of science, and metaphysics; Topics in epistemology, metaphysics and ethical theory.


Allan Gotthelf is Visiting Professor in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science under the university's Fellowship for the Study of Objectivism. He is Emeritus Professor of philosophy at The College of New Jersey, where for many years he chaired the philosophy dept. and coordinated the interdisciplinary classical studies program. (Upon his retirement the college created the Allan Gotthelf Prize in Classical Studies.) He has also taught on a visiting basis at Oxford University, Tokyo Metropolitan University and the University of Texas at Austin. He is a life member of Clare Hall Cambridge, and was a visiting member of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.

He has written extensively on Aristotle's biology, natural philosophy, and philosophy of science. A volume of his collected papers will appear next year in the Oxford Aristotle Studies series. He is currently preparing for publication in the Cambridge Classical Texts and Commentaries series vol. 2 of David Balme's major edition of Aristotle's Historia Animalium (vol. 1: Cambridge 2002). He is currently co-editing for Wiley-Blackwell Ayn Rand: A Companion to Her Works and Thought (forthcoming 2012), and with Devin Henry is preparing a new translation, of Aristotle’s Generation of Animals.

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