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Courses this Term (Spring, 2014)

Course Title Professor
Ancient Philosophy-PHIL 2070/CLASS 2301 Hoenig


Past Courses

Course Title Professor
Aristotle's Philosophy of Science- HPS, CLASS and PHIL 2547 (Fall 2013) Lennox
Studies in Plato - PHIL 2021/CLASS 2312  (Fall 2013) Allen
Topics in Ancient Philosophy: Ethics of Aristotle - PHIL 2075/CLASS 2390 (Spring 2013) Inglis
Studies in Aristotle: The Aristotelian Mechanics - HPS 2673/PHIL 2041/CLASS 2314 (Fall 2012)
van Leeuwen
Topics in Ancient Philosophy: Ancient Skepticism - PHIL 2075/CLASS 2390 (Fall 2012) Allen
Studies in Aristotle: Issues in Aristotelian Moral Psychology- PHIL2041/HPS 2673/CLASS 2314 (Spring 2012) Inglis
Understanding Aristotle's Teleology - PHIL 2544/HPS 2544/CLASS 2314 (Fall, 2011) Gotthelf & Lennox
Studies in Plato - PHIL 2021/CLASS 2312 (Fall 2011) Allen
Lucretius De Rerum Natura Possanza
Plato's Theaetetus and Cratylus Allen
Greek Authors I: Plato Avery
Plato on Pleasure Moss
Greek Authors I: Marcus Aurelius Avery
Hellenistic Ethics Allen
Aristotle's Poetics and Greek Tragedy Smethurst and Cullyer
Studies in Aristotle: Aristotle's De motu animalium - HPS 2673/PHIL 2041/CLASS 2314 ( Fall 2008) Falcon (Visiting Professor)
Plato; A Focus on the Divided Soul - PHIL 2020/CLASS 2313 (Spring 2008) Moss
Studies in Aristotle; Generation of Animals - PHIL 2648/HPS 2648/CLASS 2314 (Spring 2008) Gotthelf
Studies in Aristotle: Aristotle's Analytics - PHIL 2041/HPS 2673/CLASS 2314 (Spring 2008) Allen
Aristotle's Philosophy of Science Gotthelf and Lennox
Ancient Philosophy and Medicine Allen
Aristotle's Conception of Natural Science Gotthelf and Lennox


Program Application

  • Students do not apply directly to the CPAS Program
  • Instead, students should apply to one of the cooperating departments (Classics, HPS, or Philosophy) and indicate their interest in the program on their application