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The Joint Graduate Program in Classics, Philosophy and Ancient Science is very happy to announce that Professor Christian Wildberg will take up the position of Mellon Professor in Classics and will join the CPAS faculty in the spring of 2018! Prof. Wildberg is a distinguished historian of ancient philosophy, with a focus on the history of Platonism. He also has strong interests in Greek literature, especially tragedy, and Greek religion.


CPAS Colloquia

Friday, September 15, 2017 4:00 P.M.

Prof. Sean Kelsey, University of Notre Dame
Room: 208B Cathedral of Learning

Title: Essence and Explanation in Aristotle’s Theory of Perception

Abstract: Elsewhere I have tried to bring out how, in Aristotle’s view, many kinds of proceeding owe their being and intelligibility to a kind of affinity or likeness, a community of form, which makes the parties to them be what by nature they are, e.g. friend and friend, feeder and food, agent and patient, and so on. On such a view, the key to understanding such proceedings lies in grasping the form that binds its participants together in a single undertaking, common and natural to them all. In this paper I consider how this way of thinking makes itself felt in Aristotle’s theory of perception.


May 22–24, 2018

"Aristotle Resurgent: Exploring Neo-Aristotelian Approaches to Ethics, Metaphysics, and Philosophy of Science". 

Further details to be announced.

Reading Groups


Aristotle's Bust



Detail of the School of Athens by Michaelangelo

Classics, Philosophy and Ancient Science Greek and Latin Reading Group

Every Wednesday from 4:15-5:45 PM in the Classics Department in 1517 Cathedral of Learning. The Latin group is reading Lucretius, De Rerum Natura III, the Greek group is reading Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics VIII. The first meeting of the Latin group is August 30th, the first meeting of the Greek group is September 6th. All readers of Greek and Latin are welcome! Please contact Dr. Christina Hoenig for more information.

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Selected Publications

cover of Being Nature, and Life In Aristotle by James Lennox

Being, Nature, and Life In Aristotle

by James G. Lennox (Editor), Robert Bolton (Editor)

This volume of essays explores major connected themes in Aristotle's metaphysics, philosophy of nature, and ethics, especially themes related to essence, definition, teleology, activity, potentiality, and the highest good. The volume is united by the belief that all aspects of Aristotle's work need to be studied together if any one of the areas of thought is to be fully understood. Many of the papers were contributions to a conference at the University of Pittsburgh entitled 'Being, Nature, and Life in Aristotle', to honor Professor Allan Gotthelf's many contributions to the field of ancient philosophy; a few are contributions from those who were invited but could not attend. The contributors, all longstanding friends of Professor Gotthelf, are among the most accomplished scholars in the field of ancient philosophy today.

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Program Application

  • Students do not apply directly to the CPAS Program
  • Instead, students should apply to one of the cooperating departments (Classics, HPS, or Philosophy) and indicate their interest in the program on their application