University of Pittsburgh

Conference Schedule


Friday, March 21st, 2014 @ Conference Room A @ University Club


9:30am-4:30pm            Registration (table outside Conf. Rm. A)


9:30am-4:30pm            Undergraduate Poster Exhibition, Video Essay (hall)


11:00am-12:00             Lunch for Undergraduate Presenters (hall)


12:00-3:00pm               Undergraduate Panel Presentations

    Noon-1:00pm                 First Paper Session

    1:00-2:00pm                  Round Table Discussion

     2:00-3:00pm                 Second Paper Session              


3:00-4:00pm                 Coffee, tea, cold drinks (hall)                                    


4:00-5:15pm                 Keynote Lecture by Professor Marcia Landy:                                       "Anti-Oedipus": Sophocles' Oedipus Rex and Pasolini's
                                      Edipo re. The Uses and Disadvantages of Cinema as


5:30-6:45pm                 Lecture by Dr. Pantelis Michelakis, University
                                      of Bristol
: ‘Ancient Greece and the Transformations of
                                      Corporeality in the Age of Moving Images’


7:15pm                          Dinner @ University Club (Fraternity Grill)




Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 @ Conference Room A @ University Club


9:30-10:45am               Lecture by Professor Paul Woodruff, University of
                                      Texas: ‘Performing the Agonies of War: Light on the Core
                                      of Trauma’


10:45-11am                  Coffee Break (hall)


11-11:45am                  Lecture by Dr. Konstantinos Nikoloutsos, Saint Joseph’s
                                     University: ‘Fashioning the Ancient Greeks on Screen: 
                                     Costumes, Authenticity, and Gendered Identity                                      In Hollywood Historical Epics'


12-1:45pm                    Lunch Buffet @ University Club (Fraternity Grill)



Change of Location:    Ballroom @ The William Pitt Student Union


2:00-3:30pm                 Workshop: Actors, Directors and Audiences on
the Classics.
                                      Using the specific example of a short scene
                                      from Euripides' Trojan Women, we will approach                                       the performance of ancient culture in a moder context
                                      from the perspective of the director, performer and
                                      audience. For interested participants, this discussion
                                      will serve as the preparation for the production of a
                                      short theatrical performance on the following morning.
                                      This session is led by experts from the Department
                                      of Theatre Arts, including Professors Stacey
                                      Cabaj and Ken Bolden and Dennis Schebetta, Guest
                                      Director of the Pitt Theatre Arts production’ of
                                      Agamemnon, performed in February 2014.


3:30-3:45pm                  Coffee Break


3:45-5:00pm                  Workshop continued


Evening                          Attendance of the play An Iliad @ O’Reilly Theatre;
                                       Q&A Session with Cast, Dinner.




Sunday, March 23, 2014 @ Ballroom @ The William Pitt Student Union



9:00-11:15am                 Rehearsal/staging of a short scene from Euripides'
                                       Trojan Women under the direction of experts from the                                         Pitt Theatre Arts department. Participants who are                                           not directly involved in the rehearsal are invited                                        to explore the conference's undergraduate poster                                        exhibition.


11:15-11:30am               Coffee Break


11:30-11:45am               Performance of a short scene from Euripides' Trojan


11:45-12:15pm               Reaction to the Performance: An open                                        discussion between directors, performers and audience.


12:15-1:00pm                 Afterword: Professor Emerita Mae Smethurst: " The
                                        Performance of Greek Tragedy in Today's Japan.


1:00pm                           Lunch Buffet @ The William Pitt Student Union,
                                       Kurtzman Room