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Poster Call


Exploring The Role of Classics In Modern Performance


Undergraduate Poster Session


Call For Submissions!


With every technological advance, dramatic performance seems to become a larger part of our lives. One might even find it hard to imagine a time or place where either performing or watching a performance was not an option. And so one might regard it as stranger still that dramatic performance was something that had to be invented.


Our earliest evidence for dramatic performance comes from ancient Greece, and it comes spectacularly in the form of some of the greatest plays ever written, Oedipus Rex, Medea, The Oresteia, and more.


What were these plays about? Who wrote them? Where and how were they performed?
This poster session will explore these questions and more.


Undergraduates are invited to submit posters detailing a specific aspect of ancient Greek theater (the masks, the performance space, the performance schedule, satyr plays, individual playwrights, the chorus, the plot of a specific play, the role of a chorêgos, the festival of Dionysus…).


Previews of proposed posters should be submitted via email in pdf form (page size 9 x 12) to by January 31, 2014. Outstanding posters will be selected for display at the Class Acts Conference March 21-23.